Things Guys Secretly Want From You

It’s a funny thing that many people think that men are always attracted to gorgeous body and tits. Many women are now misled and now they are just concentrating on getting the figure check. It’s not just about the body or physical appearance. It takes more than that. Take a look on what men secretly want pdf.

Let me first start with what they really consider before making the very first move to be in a relationship:

Brain’s-Being a truly pretty has nothing to do with your brains. There is always something sexy about women’s with brains. You might have cute look and gorgeous smiles but without brains to challenge a man, then young lady you will not get anywhere. A women who can hold a conversation always wins a man’s heart.

So remember, men will always choose brains over good looks.


There is always a saying that a woman is not made up of her looks but the way she behaves and her personality. You will certainly want to learn some manners that have high chances of leading a men to you. I’m sorry buts it’s true, I have interacted with few beautiful women in my life whose personalities were as appealing as crap. Be yourself, skip make up and don’t do your hair. I know men love when u get dressed up like a queen, you are beautiful but you don’t need to flip a switch from who are in order to gain acceptance. Men too are believers in the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. So young lady, look clean, smart, and definitely you will fall to Mr. Right’s arms.


In everything a man does, their dream is always their priority. Having a confident woman by their side is the key to pursuing their dreams. To be sincere, men don’t notice every one of your flaws; you know the ones you move around thinking about them. If they found themselves attracted to you, and then come on girl, they can’t be analyzing every bit of you looking for perfection. As weird as it may seem, confidence is something we can feel from sexual point of view.


Based on life experience, most women tend to think that men are intimated by someone who is straightforward, non-submissive and several other adjectives. Women should not be afraid to assert their independence. Although the odium behind “independent” may just be a matter of semantics, independent women got their own life and routine, they are strong and secure and always their own person. These qualities are what men yearn for every single breath of their lives.

On the other hand, men got a lot of preferences while in a relationship

To be your hero

Men, even humble guys would try their best to be your supermen. They like to control stuff, to carry you in their arms and show the world to you. They won’t buy themselves a $10 lunch, but trust me you, they would spend $100 to just come and see you. Make them feel invincible, and they are going to make you feel like the most beautiful creature in this planet of ours.


Don’t just act, be with him, and make a surprise. Men love feel great with surprises, too bad these days, only men do the surprising. By surprises, I mean buy them something they like when he least expects. That man would be dying to see you every single minute.

Affection” Men are physical beings by nature. Everything they see and touch entices them. It goes without a saying that a lady who is ready with her offering of desire would turn them on. Just like the ladies, men want a woman to reach out in public and grab their hand. Try that hug you saw in “soap operas” and ask them how the day was. It awakens the feeling of being wanted and strengthens that bond you got.


Men like ladies who respect their decisions, he could be wrong, but politely reason with him instead of arguing. They prefer a woman who is making her home nice, reading novels, as opposed to going out with friends like you love them more than him. A man would like a lady who is respected by others, it makes them appealing.

There is this misconception that looks, gorgeous body, great ass will find you the love of your life, well that’s a misconception, so stop trying, what matters is the real you and that’s what a gentleman secretly wants more information visit the Good Life Forever.